So you wanna go through life easily.

Sailing through with no drama -

No worries, no upsets, no trauma.

Enjoying everything breezily.

But you do want heaven’s eternity!

Without challenges you’ll never know

How to weather pain and sorrow and woe,

How to rely on others and the Trinity.

Maybe you haven’t heard the real truth?

Does the Bible, Christ, and God seem made-up?

As if the stories were concocted, set up?

I urge you to read the Word, become your own sleuth –

For The Way, The Truth and The Life are meant for ya -

It can only be understood once embraced.

Immerse yourself – it will never be a total waste!

“Follow” as if you are on social media!

Rich rewards can be found past the heavenly gates

For those who have sought out whose Way to follow.

Lord Jesus Christ can open every door and window.

Allow the Holy Spirit to show you what awaits!

John 14:6

LMKazmierczak All Rights reserved 2004