Are you proudly

Biting your tongue

When idiots express

Themselves so dumb?


At social events

Do you hold back the snark?

On the tip of your tongue

That witty remark?


Conquering the mute button

Is a definite skill


For obeying God's will


But I submit

It is the thumb that causes problems-

With texting and

posting and sharing memes


It is the modern day

Devilish distraction

Selfies, LOL! and OMG!

Fill our heads with their attractions


Disorderly conduct

Ties us up in knots

But we don't recognize it

We're just catching up on media opts.


So tame that thumb!

Be peaceful, gentle, friendly

Free yourself from

Prejudice and hypocrisy


And quit using OMG!

Spell it out for the world to see

Use O My God...

When it truly is necessary


James 3:16-18

LMKazmierczak All rights Reserved2019