If you want to live in God's kingdom

Plant yourself under His dome

Grow by hearing the words of the wise

To be safe and secure in this home.


While even Solomon was not infallible

His instructions intimate how

To live uprightly, justly

In the here and now.


Wisdom is an Earthly kingdom

You will not need it in Heaven's realm.

Practice wiseness now, with Christ's guidance

So the Holy Spirit can take the helm.


The paths and voices are many

As King Solomon points out.

But Wisdom shouts, if you listen.

Read His Word and take heart.


Live your life under the dome of the wise

Focused on the journey's end.

Learn by instruction rather than consequences,

And you will be a successful witness. Amen*


*Amen translates as "So be it"

The fear of the Lord leads to life and whoever has it rests satisfied, he will not be visited by harm. Proverbs 10:23

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