The Case Of Da Files

Stan the Law Man looked smugly at his collection.

Orderly, alphabetically, a neat collaboration.

Names and places, documented to his satisfaction.


“Do you have da files?” asked his aide, rubbing his hands together.

Can we begin the games of blackmail and shame to last forever?

Is the file case stuffed to the gills with deeds of evil and whatever?


“It will do, unless the participants discover the out.”

Replies the aide, “But we can keep ‘em from that discovery! We’ll stay devout!

Subversion, misdirection, confusion is what we’re all about!”


Enter the Preach who has lots to teach.

“I know the law and want you to hear how to breach

The list of miseries and treacheries - I hereby beseech…


I tell you it’s easy! Allow the Word to wash away those briefs –

The shed blood of Christ has been provided to those with true faith beliefs.

Just actively please God and you will feel the full release!”


And by those simple instructions da file case wobbled…

Folks absorbed the Preacher’s words and S(a)tan’s plans were toppled.

For atop that empty case file was The Cross and a Bible.


Laurie Kazmierczak All Rights Reserved 2024 - Based on a Sermon by Lou Gandolfo