Save your work

With the tap on an icon.

Save the date

For lots of wedding fun.

Save at the grocer's

By using a coupon.

Save at the bank

For cash to depend on.


As it comes to your soul

Has it been saved?

Born Again Christians

See your road being paved.


It is fine to rejoice

In this joyful craze.

But in all The Good News

Nowhere is the phrase "Jesus saves!"


You are not to be shelved

As a collectible item.

You are not to be held

For display like a gem.

You are not to sit secured

In a vault-like mausoleum.

You are not plastic-wrapped

For history's museums.


Your flaws are your power

To respond to God's gifts.

You're to serve and be useful

Practicing your beliefs.

Be a witness to glories

Spreading joy where you tread.

Not being "saved" -

Be useful instead!


James 2:24


LMKazmierczak  All Rights Reserved 2019