Of temples and taxes

And heirs of the Kingdom

Comes a story exquisite

Full of glory and wisdom


No son of a king

Pays admission to his home

And no visitor enters

Without a tax for the throne


Yet as Jesus and disciples

Are met at the entry

A drachma is demanded

But they had no money


So dispatched to the sea

Is Peter told to obey

Off he goes for the

Fishy catch of the day


A miracle! A coin!

Caught in the fish mouth

God baiting temple Jews!

With drama and froth


So Jesus pays

His own way in

Just as he pays

For all our sin


A small fishy tale

Never! Think not!

A much bigger picture

Has transpired in this plot


Our Heavenly home

Has no entry fee

Just accept you are an heir

And act accordingly.


Matthew 17:24-27


LMKazmierczak All Rights Reserved2019