Will we have the pleasure of pondering

As residents of heaven?

Will all mysteries and conundrums

Be solved, unraveled, proven?


When solitude beckons and

A nature walk ensues

The simple joy of pondering

On blessings and praisings, renews.


That simple process of the mind

Active toward God's purposes

Is but a preview of our imponderabilia

In the vastness of the Mighty Highness.


We may declare within His Presence

All glories, magnificence and power

But the wee small interactions

May be what the Almighty desires.



Psalm 64:9 All mankind shall be afraid. They shall declare the work of God, and shall wisely ponder what he has done.


Luke 12:11 However, Mary continued to treasure all these things in her heart and to ponder them.


imponderablia; things that cannot be precisely determined, measured, or evaluated


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