A well spring speaks of pure flowing water

Not tainted nor full of salts -

Like oceans or pollution fodder


So we rely on lots of bottled stuff

Adding more plastics -

To the recycling trough


Once again taking something that's good

Adding our solutions -

Making things worse just because we could


Overwhelmed are we when the floods arise

Seeking higher ground -

Ignoring connections with unseeing eyes


It's all explained in Biblical proportions

Well springs and floods -

Told by prophets revealing folks' fortunes


God's word is preserved, bottled if you will

For us to sip daily -

An ultimate well spring, shielding us from ill


We are flooded, deluged, by worldly woes

Grabbing handy solutions -

As we rely on various enterprising pros


Floods distract us, numbs us to disasters

But those daily sips -

Sustain and strengthen, making us masters


So next time you reach for a bottle of water

My hope is it is accompanied by -

A reading of a portion of Biblical literature


LMKazmierczak All Rights Reserved  2019