Eyes cannot comprehend

The brilliance of that Bush

Imbued with the Holy Spirit

It must have shone mightily, but hushed.


Not a bolt of lightning

Nor a solar flare,

Or natural gas ignited -

Nothing earthly can compare.


Indeed such energy

Would light even a Black Hole.

This little piece of heaven

Inhabits your very soul.


Just know this Holy Spirit

Who fills you night and day

Will be with you forever

In Heaven, bound to you, in your DNA.


Your heart will no longer beat

But flesh and bone will prevail

Energized by the Holy Spirit

Recognizable, now in a Shekhina shell.


Indeed it will be as witnessed

During the confab on Mount Horab

The power shining outward,

The Holy Presence, leaning in.


So when those pieces of Heaven

Fulfill God's earthly plans

His Son will get the order

To trumpet them home, to meet His fans.


And those black holes may see their purpose

As God carries through

His plans over the eons,

Building a home for me and you.

References -

(Exodus Chapter 3 - Moses & the Burning Bush))

(Mark 9:2-9 The Transfiguration - "confab")

(1 Thessalonians 4:16-17 - Jesus' return)

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