As a nation struggles to breathe

Seeking answers to bequeath

To future generations,

We praise our Lord who's given us tools

To pray, use wisdom, not act as fools.


We are a nation of prayer warriors

Working behind all sorts of barriers

Using faith and Biblical directions.

We raise up Doctors, nurses and carers

On the front lines, battling naysayers.


Relying on Psalm 91 for strength

We share miracle stories on line, in depth.

Heeding the Spirit's super-vision,

We seek to enlighten those in darkness

Who seek a life in true lightness.


When the shouting is over

And we come out from undercover

The Lord Jesus Christ will take stock.

Will folks see the inner workings

Of God's hand in medicinal tweekings?


May the Holy Spirit be a comfort and guide

To all those involved far and wide

As we deploy Odes of "LUCK"

Living Under Christ's Kingdom

As the way, the truth, the light brings freedom.


LMKazmierczak All Rights Reserved 2020