Studies have shown

It is best to go

With the streaming traffic's flow -

Justifying speeding in the zone.


We all go with the flow


Media hype simply measures

And reveals all the attitudes

Of the multitudes -

Showing where the Holy Spirit truly censures.


But we all go with the flow


We lament the disappearance

Of bold religious displays -

Reminding us of the days

When we lived by the Ten Commandments.


But, we can still go with God's flow


Our heart and mind

Looks at "them" versus"us"

Instead of searching God's purpose

To lift up all mankind.


God's Word tells us how to flow


There is no competition

When embracing Christ's love

Focusing on the grand plan from above -

Just be worthy of God's full attention.


May all blessings flow!


Philippians 1:27