Didja know who was

The tenth generation of the very first couple?

Didja know who was age 600

When he entered his boat for animals and people?

Didja know whose grandfather

Was the oldest man mentioned in the Bible?


Didja know the Titanic was three times

The size of Noah's cubit measured boat?

Didja know Arphaxad was the first child

Born two years after the ark was set afloat?

Didja know more than 270 worldwide stories

Bear similarities to Scripture? Just saying, not to gloat.


Didja know the Tower of Babel fell

Two hundred years after the world's restart?

Didja know the final resting place

Is still sought out,hoping it's still in one part?

Well now you know there's a bit more to that first rainbow -

God's everlasting promise for mankind's new heart.


Genesis 5:32-10:1

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