Predictions vs promises
Both are noteworthy.
Predictions are for novices.
Mired down by the worldly.

After Eve was beguiled,
She shunned that beatific beast.
And Lucifer has noshed all the while,
Building his counterfeit base.

That nipping at the heels
Has continued in all nations,
Knowing full well the deal
Of that final crushing he'll be facin'.

God's promise will come to fruition.
We need to bide our time.
Don't live for any short term prediction -
The finale has been primed.

His Kingdom will come as promised
Ruled by the almighty Son
Until then, He'll heal all heels.
Just believe! That's how it's done!

The Promise:
"And I will make enemies of you and the woman, And of your offspring and her Descendant; He shall bruise you on the head, And you shall bruise him on the heel.
Gen 3:15

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