Justification vs sanctification

Are huge concepts to absorb.

Christ's blood covers sin,

Sanctifying us while on this orb.


And justification

"Just as if I never sinned" is ours to grab.

‘Believing’ is the important trend -

Not a one-time baptism, like a vaccine jab.


Through our daily washing

Soaking in the Word

We are showered with insights

Sharp, focused, unblurred.


To live in our Bibley bubbley bath

Is to find peace with an intimate purpose.

As Christians we commit to follow a path

Such bathing rituals elicit a response.


Tub or stall, bathing is for all.

An easy habit, enjoyable to feel.

Bible bathing is life at a spa -

Embrace it. The Spirit’s rinse is for real.

Revelation 22:1

LMKazmierczak All Rights Reserved 2019