The soldiers wove a crown of thorns.
A purple robe around adorns.
He stands before the crowd.
With one voice aloud; “We want Barabbas! Release Barabbas!”

The people cried out their demands.
And Pilate sighed and washed his hands.
Crucify the Savior.
We shall choose the robber; “We want Barabbas! Release Barabbas!”

He says he is God’s only son.
And now we’ll see our justice done.
Jesus is rejected.
His visage is dejected.
My kingdom’s not of this realm.
For Satan’s holding this helm. “We want Barabbas! Release Barabbas!”

He bore the cross upon his back.
He stumbled down, the day turned black.
Jesus the Nazarene
The sign said at the scene.
Behold the King of Jews
Whom the people did not choose.

Matthew 27:17

LMKazmierczak All Rights Reserved 2017